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Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation came to existence in 1994, when the seventy fourth constitutional Act of Amendment got passed in 1992. Before it became a Nagar Nigam, a municipal committee existed in Ghaziabad. At present time, the area that is administered by Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) is parted in 4 administrative zones. These zones are again parted in 80 wards. The respective 4 zones are- KAVI NAGAR ZONE, CITY ZONE, THA ZONE and VIJAY NAGAR ZONE. There exist 2 more additional zones, called VASUNDHARA ZONE and MOHAN NAGAR ZONE.

Municipal Corporation Of Ghaziabad is the chief care-taking body at a local level that carries out administration in Ghaziabad and provides standard facilities to the locals. Along with implementation of general maintenance activities, GNN offers some special amenities to the locals as well. Some services are- information of property management system, business license information, issuing of birth and death certificates, complaint and property registration managing system. GNN does the work of issuing notices regarding tenders and providing relevant information in accordance with RIGHT TO INFORMATION (RTI) ACT.

Many services have now found their way online. For instance, a person can file an application for license and go and check the current status on official site. Similarly, a person may view title transfer information and birth and death certificates. At present house tax payment is not possible online. One can benefit from usage of online management system that provides property information. Moreover, one can also file a complaint on the site. A person needs to fill an online complaint filing form and after saving it needs to be submitted. The GNN website allows users for tracking of current status of a respective complaint lodged by them.

Here are contact details for different administrative zones of Nagar Nigam Ghaziabad:

Zones Phone Number
Vijay Nagar 2797341, 2741166
Mohan Nagar 2791518 / 2880727, 2901887
Vasundhara 2791518 / 2880727, 2901887
City 2831218, 2831218
Kavinagar 2791518 / 2712803, 2712803

Below is the official address of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam

GHAZIABAD – 201012